so it has been fun to play in public for people again… i played in Anseo before Santa came and now in 2024 I have played in my own local City of Cork where I live in the Triskel hosted by the lovely Yoga Collective and the Barefoot Gypsies.. it was a gorgeous time with herbal teas and cakes…Just recently played the delicious venue that is Maureens withe the amazing M’ADAM and Rory McDonal AKA Actor Actor…and we had the best night…what a magic spot,,cant wait to play there again

to support me, get the juicy news, snail mail from me, potential to buy art , join workshops or get replays, hear more on new music, for 3 euro per month its all happening on my patreon…i love this space i think it is amazing for artists..

recent months i must confess have been a mixed bag…but to lead by example i aim for The pace i take is not one of any industry but the poetic and the divine. for i can not create if im not led by my heart and aligning with what feels right… we are living in heavy times ….to bare witness …to stay present…do our best… keep making life beautiful where possible…to be of your highest service given your unique talents and gifts..

But God knows as they say.. God knows me best… the Universe ..or energy of the source or whatever you call it or maybe you have no belief in that at all… I can see why ..and thats the case for so many… and that makes sense to me also.. I feel a knowing about it now that i no longer deny however…

there is all the low level ..low vibrational bull shit we all go through , the part of life, somethings we reinact, some seemingly random, patterns we repeat even when we try not to… and yet…many of us claw our way back to love… through all that would prove us wrong.. through all the disenfranchised and bewildered inner children of all the adults we know wanting it to be one thing so that nothing then can matter…

you do matter… love is real.

miracles happen all day everyday if you can see them and feel them

you can be a miracle to somebody..

your art , your music, your expression

your life and the way you live can be an inspirational miracle

love, LOVE, LOVE

Mary Claire

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