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Mary Claire Woolley also known as M.SEA is a Cork City based singer songwriter hailing from the Effin countryside. Her music has been referred to as FreakFolk.  Her ep Blue was released early 2016. She performed songs from her first EP “Blue” on Cork TEDx show as part of the Cork Loves Music Series.  Launched at the Spailpin ! She supported August Wells on their Irish tour playing  Coughlans Cork City. She has played in venues across Ireland including Debarres of Clonakilty, Levis Corner House to name a couple and in many venues in Cork City since her first performance in 2012 in the old Bradleys Barrack St. In recent years she has also performed in New York  City.  Her first UK gig in London this Spring and a few more to be announced for the spring and summer. 2018 saw the Album “Release The Geese” come out this year launched at St Peters Cork. The album is available to buy on iTunes and to listen to on all streaming sites.

now 2022 the new album midheaven is out on all streaming sites.. its been a beautiful process spanning a decade with these songs… they have been created from a place of love and acceptance xxx the alchemy,, the longing ,, the frustration, anger, grief, fun , love expression, healing ,,, honesty ..peace…

And if your reading this or have listened, danced, sung along or enjoyed my songs, been to a gig or bought a cd …. thank you very much  it means a lot and I appreciate it



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I am Cork city based singer songwriter hailing from the Effin countryside and have been performing my songs around Ireland and a little in New York City.

i am playing music since I was four thanks to my awesome Mothership… she put up with some racket !!! First piano the guitar now lots more added in …drums .. ukes .. bass 

my main instrument is guitar 

I began playing my own songs as a challenge to myself after twenty years of bedroom concerts. I wanted to do at least one gig performing my own songs. Since then I have been enjoying a beautiful new musical journey that has already brought me so much joy. I am so grateful to have enjoyed playing all over the place with amazing musicians in venues I never imagined I would be performing my songs. 

I got to support August Wells on tour in 2017 which was the most amazing time on the island … Ballydehob.. And beyond.. I also did some vocals for them on recent performances in the Olympia Theatre for a charity event in aid of Homelessness services and in the beautiful Sirus centre Cobh. 

I love singing and playing my songs for people and hearing the reactions. I feel lucky to be able to create with so many talented people around me.

I describe my music as freakfolk as it was the first thing I said when I was asked and it was accepted without question so I figure id stick with that. 

I love music. I have an open mind when it comes to music and listen to lots of different types of artists..I love collaborating with artists from different genres..experimenting a bit..its fun. I was in a band called non-toxic orchestra for a time, I sang, played, conducted, there was many of us, at most ten, it was a great time, made bikers dance, great memories 😉 I am still a huge fan and friend.

It is a total joy to perform for people……it scares me … I get very nervous…. but the joy is soon after I start playing..and is worth it as someone who wants to learn and get better. I was playing 20 years before I performed my own songs.. I only started singing eight years ago just so I could play one complete song after playing music so long, I felt regardless how rough my voice after 20-years I should be able to play one full entire song. It started there.

So I played what I cud, Things got freaky. Songs were written and here we are now. I hope people enjoy listening to my music. I decided to record my ep BLUE with Brian Casey of Wavefield Recording Studios in Clonakilty in 2016 …. such a great man !! I recently went back in the Spring to record my first album Release The Geese ..Since the ep launch in Spailpin Fanach it’s been so much of a privilege playing my songs….gigging …. touring…even being invited to a Cork loves Music Ted x event to play which was so awesome and a privilege to play amoungst so many of my  amazing creative peers in Cork City..My aim is to perform as much live as I can this year, play more, do more, create more, record more ,,learn more guitar with Carlos and Baby (my guitars) and a new electric added which is my main midheaven tool…but of course i want to learn more instruments in this life if i can ..right now ive returned to piano and singing as my mains ones for being curious about …… love love love 

mary claire xxx