i love bandcamp

a few of you have supported midheaven with the money already and i very much appreciate that … bandcamp really gave artists a few portals of appreciation in the past couple years and i also very much appreciate that

thank you xxx


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MSEA on 95bFM Radio

Border Radio with Kirsten Warner and Garth Cartwright

I’ll be on the radio tonight!

you can listen here:

BORDER RADIO: Sunday, March 28, 2021

Kirsten is with London-based music journalist and writer Garth Cartwright. Garth’s tribute to Arhoolie Records. A taste of Wellington’s Miles Calder’s new release, he’s on tour in April.

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061 Recording Video Release Performed from Spice Vintage

im happy to say that a video shot by 061 Recording in Limerick city at the epic Spice Vintage is up on Youtube now 

As a Limerick woman this was a special gig for me ..beside the river surrounded by vintage my kinda thing <3

cheers to the 061 crew 

hope you enjoy

  the song is  Third Of December from my Album Release The Geese 

xxx thank you for listening

Published on 19th April 2020

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Here Before – Video

From the Album “Release The Geese” Song written and performed by M.SEA (Mary Claire Woolley)
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Delighted to be playing a gig for Love the Lee Cork  this Thursday in Callanans Bar 24 Georges Quay 

Check out savecorkcity.org for more info on what is planned for the city and support finding a better alternative 

I love Cork City . It has been my home for a decade and i hope that the charm and beauty will be preserved for those who live here in future. 

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